About Us

BikeTuna is run by Mick and Paul, both bikers, both trackday riders, both mechanics and both passionate about everything biking. Mick, a previous owner of the UK's largest R1 owners club, still rides an R1 and spends every weekend either modding his own bike, fixing someones bike or carrying out more DIY. Paul is a qualified DAS instructor, an ex Suzuki tech and having the last bike featured as a Fast Bikes Obsession bike is now building his 2nd obsession bike based on a Daytona 675.

Between us we are both dedicated to bring to your screens a performance parts store that not only wants to supply you with the finest parts available. Since 2006 The BikeTuna store has been giving the information you need to know that you are buying the right part for your bike, the right part for your requirements and the help to get it fitted to your bike too!

The components and tools we list on our site have been chosen because we personally rate them to be worth owning. You'll see many of the reviews of the products are by ourselves and our own experience of using that product at home or trackside. Our catalogue is packed with products that you'd actually use, and products we are happy to offer you knowing first hand that the product is worth having.

If there is a product you're looking for, get in touch and we'll see what we can do!