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This is one of those ideas that you wish you were on Dragons Den in front of Jones and Meaden pitching. Its so obvious that you're probably reading this wishing you had one right now... and you can, by clicking that 'Add to cart' button over there....

Really though, this is ingenious. Most people would be too fashion conscious to have this as their regular wallet, but having a second wallet just for the bike is a clever idea... you probably don't need your Nando's loyalty card whilst out on the bike, so have a seperate wallet that has your ID, card and an emergency £20 in it and leave it in your leathers - you take up less space in the pocket and with this great wallet clearly identifying itself as having your emergency details enclosed, could just save your skin should the worst happen!

To top off this great little buy, its a decent wallet made from a strong fabric, plenty of space for your Nando's card if you really cannot go without it, and at this price its really an easy decision - the 'Add to cart' button is just over there...

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  • Product Code: BKI-UTAGWALLET
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £5.99