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  • Chain Storage Pouch

Heading out somewhere and leaving your bike for a while? You're instantly faced with the classic security dilemma: Breeze out without a care in the world and not carry your lock, enjoying the laden-free ride and risking your parking? Maybe lugging that monster lock you have for the driveway knowing your baby will be safe against the railings, but struggling with it the whole way there and back? Maybe even a halfway house where a smaller lightweight lock which might not deter someone who really wants to take your bike, but stave off the casual passer-by-thief...

Well that's another little worry taken off your mind - the ultra strong nylon Chain Storage Pouch securely and neatly wraps around the pillion seat with adjustable velcro straps leaving just enough room for that giant lock you usually leave at home.

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Chain Storage Pouch

  • £13.50