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  • Disc Lock Reminder Coil

We'll not all admit to it, but we all at least know someone who's attempted to ride off with their disc lock still on. Cue hilarity for all around as the front thumps to a stop leaving the rider scrabbling to keep the bike upright, followed by the sinking heart of spotting the damage to the front mudguard.

Save yourself the aggro with the most simple yet genius solution - the Reminder Coil. We've all seen them, loop one end through the disc lock and as you clip it on, hang the other end on your brake/clutch lever, serving as a bright yellow beacon to save you from the humility above.

As an added bonus it's not only visible to you, but to thieves - they are more likely to see the lock with the cable attached, and they are less likely to have a go at your bike in the first place when they can clearly see you've got your disc lock on before they've even got to the bike.... didn't think of that, did you?

The coil is made from a flourescent yellow flexible plastic, 4mm thick to withstand years of use and stretches to 46 inches, easily reaching to your monkey bars and beyond!

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Disc Lock Reminder Coil

  • Brand: Bike It
  • Product Code: BKI-LODCOIL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £1.99