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  • Mammoth X-Line Cable with End Loops - 1.8M

Did you know that most technicians who work at your local dealership own their own tools? You probably did, but did you know that their tools are only covered by the company insurance if the box is locked to a secure anchor in the building?

Your average Snap-On or MAC toolbox full of branded tools can easily be £5k and more, and while that may not be whats in your garage right now, when you add it up there's probably a fair whack of cost there, not including the time it would take to go out and buy all those tools again, including those little specialist tools for that one job once every 5 years...

The value of your toolkit is not overlooked by thieves either, and many garages liberated of their two-wheeled machinery will also be lightened of it's toolkit too for a trip on eBay or the local car boot sale.

Protect not just your bike but also your kit with something as simple as this X-Line Cable. Loop one end through your toolbox handle like a dog lead and padlock the other end to somewhere secure, like your ground anchor, or a pillar on the wall, and for this minimal cost, protect yourself from those people that appreciate the value of your kit as much as you do.

The 6mm thick woven steel cable wrapped in a nut-resistant protective coating features secure loops at each end, making it also useful for extending your bike lock when out and about.

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Mammoth X-Line Cable with End Loops - 1.8M

  • £7.99