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  • Pro-Bolt Stainless Steel Number Plate Bolt Kit

Just because the number plate is a boring, stupid looking, oversized piece of legality on your otherwise sexy bike, it doesn't mean that the eagle eyed mod-spies are not going to notice when your gleaming machine has a battered old plate hanging from 2 rusted old bolts from that tray you keep under your toolbox.

Get some real attention to detail and make your rear end glisten with these Stainless Steel number plate bolts - these bolts will still shine no matter how much you wash your bike and probably out-last not only the number plate, but the whole concept of number plates altogether!

Kit comprises of 2 Dome headed Stainless Steel bolts M5 x 16mm and 2 Nylock nuts.


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Pro-Bolt Stainless Steel Number Plate Bolt Kit

  • Brand: Pro-Bolt
  • Product Code: PB_SSNPLATE
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £5.26